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Increase productivity with less paper

Adobe Sign is the Adobe Document Cloud solution that makes it easier to securely sign and manage documents across devices and departments. Adobe Sign is designed to increase business productivity as the latest business software and digital signature tool for PC. It provides a powerful combination of top-rated enterprise system integrations, supported by mobile apps for anyplace/anytime signing, with Adobe’s trusted comprehensive security controls.

Effortless integration and fast e-signatures means faster processes

Do you want to know when documents have been received, read and signed? If so, then Adobe Sign is the latest in Adobe’s suite of productivity tools designed specifically for businesses. With Sign you can send, sign, track, and manage agreements from your desktop or mobile, making collecting multiple signatures easy. It enables you to manage and track records wherever you are, at every step of the process.Furthermore, Sign’s web and mobile apps are designed with comprehensive security controls built-in: your documents and business digital signatures are safe and secure. Adobe e-signatures are fully compliant with U.S., European, and other signature laws. Trusted and legally valid, Adobe’s e-signatures are legally enforceable in industrialized countries around the world.Another key point that sets Sign apart is the effortless integration with your existing business processes, from start to finish. You can create and customize all-digital workflows, add e-signatures to your business processes and benefit from the increased efficiency, whilst reducing your costs, as delays become a problem of the past.Finally, the ability to create and customize your own end-to-end digital workflow processes will enable you to automate your business processes. Adobe Sign automatically triggers the next stages in your workflow, eradicating endless paper trails, delays and wasted time. Your clients will receive outstanding service as invoicing, order fulfilment or collecting signatures in a set order are instantly started and quickly completed, without any delays or need for posting and keeping paper records. 

Reduce legal risk and store audit trails automatically

Adobe Sign is the digital signature software tool for Windows that allows anyone to sign documents in any browser, from anywhere.The dashboard and report features give you a depth of transparency and wealth of information that pen and paper processes cannot offer. With an intuitive interface, you can monitor contract cycles and produce more accurate forecasts, with the knowledge that these reports are viewable by your teams in Salesforce Track and on mobile devices.The visually attractive Workflow Designer is an easy-to-use interface where you can create efficient, error-proof business process workflows and monitor productivity. This business software ensures transparency and improves communication, as your staff and teams can view the processes.The interface is easy to use, especially when it comes to collecting signatures. If you deal face to face with clients, you can collect signatures on your mobile device and upload. Otherwise, you would send the recipient a link in email notification. All they need to do is open the link, sign with a finger on a mobile device (iOS, Android or Windows) and their e-signature is stored safely and securely: your next workflow process can begin. The convenience of being able to sign from any device, without any specialist software, makes it easy for your clients to receive and adopt e-signatures. 

Revolutionize your business and reduce costs

Adobe Sign offers a trusted e-signature solution that will reduce the amount of paperwork that your business generates. Sign is a comprehensive document management and signature tool that will create documents and digital workflows, send, track, collate and gather all of the signatures and documentation you need. Best of all, it maintains a transparent audit trail, which complies with industry standards and the law. 

The trusted e-signature solution that powers digital workflows, end-to-end

Fast e-signatures. Faster processes. Effortless integration. Add e-signatures to your existing business processes and create all-digital workflows that speed business transactions, start to finish. With Adobe Sign, you get top-rated enterprise system integrations, powerful mobile apps for signing anywhere, and comprehensive security controls. 

Adobe Sign helps you meet the most demanding e-signature laws and guidelines. Use electronic or digital signatures — or a combination of the two — to reach the balance of safety and flexibility that is unique to your business. Adobe lets you choose from hundreds of trusted certificate authorities so you don't have to compromise on compliance. Adobe Sign’s web and mobile apps keep your signatures moving — everywhere you are. Send, sign, track, and manage agreements from your desktop or mobile. Most importantly, know that wherever you go, your documents and signatures are secure.


  • Strong security features with basic or multi-factor authentication
  • Send and receive e-signatures
  • Effective workflow management
  • Integrates with mobile and external applications


  • Signatures can appear jagged on the screen
  • Free trial only lasts for 14 days

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Adobe Sign for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.0
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